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North America

From EGP 19,732*
Los Angeles (United States)
Round trip
From EGP 17,907*
New York (United States)
Round trip


From EGP 13,751*
Barcelona (Spain)
Round trip
From EGP 14,212*
Frankfurt/Main (Germany)
Round trip
From EGP 14,342*
Geneva (Switzerland)
Round trip
From EGP 15,720*
London (United Kingdom)
Round trip
From EGP 13,681*
Munich (Germany)
Round trip


From EGP 13,748*
Nice (France)
Round trip
From EGP 6,057*
Paris (France)
Round trip

*All amounts are in EGP. Taxes and surcharges are included. No booking fee is applicable, but a payment surcharge may apply. Prices shown are calculated at today's exchange rate, and they may vary depending on fare availability.